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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price I see, the price I’ll pay?

Absolutely. The solicitors on our panel are contractually obliged to honour their quote and you will receive an email once you have instructed them, specifying the full price based on the details you have provided.

Why shouldn’t I use the solicitor my estate agent has recommended to me?

You can of course, but you should be aware however, that one of the reasons an estate agent may want you to use the solicitor they suggest, is because they will receive commission from doing this. This commission is one of the reasons why the quotes may be much higher than those from Estate agents also often have targets for the number of referrals they will need to pass on each month, so you may find that they put a lot of pressure on you to use their ‘recommended’ solicitors rather than you searching for your own. We believe that we offer much better value for money.

How do I instruct them?

Once you have decided that you would like to instruct a solicitor, you simply click on the ‘Instruct’ button next to the quote and fill in your details. It really is that simple.

How can I contact my solicitor?

Once you have instructed the solicitor you will receive a confirmation email from us detailing the total quote as well as the specifics of what is included in the quote and any associated costs and charges. We will also provide you with the solicitor’s phone number, address and email address.

Why are the quotes so much lower than other solicitors?

Because the solicitors on our panel do not rent expensive high street premises, this reduces their overheads and means they can pass on their costs saved to you by charging lower fees.

Does it matter that the solicitor is not local to me?

Not at all, everything can be done easily via email and through the post. There is no need for face to face meetings at any point during the process.

Do all the quotes include a ‘no completion, no fee’ guarantee?

All our quotes carry a no completion, no fee guarantee. This means that if the sale falls through at any point before completion then you will not be charged a fee by the solicitors. Please note however, that you would be liable for any disbursements such as searches, that the solicitors have carried on your behalf.

What happens next?

After the solicitor has been instructed they will contact you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) and will then send out a seller’s pack and/or a buyer’s pack, which will include their standard paperwork needed to send out draft contracts and/or apply for searches.

How do I know the solicitor is qualified and will deliver a high quality service?

Each solicitor on our panel has been hand selected and is qualified and contractually obliged to deliver a high quality of service. If they fail to deliver this then they will be removed from our panel. On our website you can also see their feedback from previous clients – this section is kept up to date and is unedited to give you as much information as possible.

If I approach the solicitor directly, can I get a lower quote?

We have agreed specific discounts with these solicitors due to passing a large amount of business to them. If you approached them directly, you would be quoted a higher fee.